Kevin Bell

Central Ohio's Progressive Instrumental Guitarist

"Awesome...mind blowing guitar. Absolutely beautiful." Leedy -

Kevin Bell

Kevin Bell has been playing around Central Ohio performing small to large venues. Kevin has shared the stage with national acts such as, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Stryper, Faster Pussy Cat, Slaughter, Firehouse, Warrant, Quiet Riot, LA Gunns, Great White and many more! Kevin established himself starting to play at the age of 13. His projects consisted of KAOS 1988-89, Savage Lullaby 1990-94, Trinity 1997-98, Seventh Sense 1999, Moments of Inertia 2004-05, SecondGlass 2006, Shining east 2009, Black Horse 2013, and Conquer 2016. Kevin recorded his first album "BURNING SAND" and released it on April 17th, 2006. This 10 track album has a touch of metal, acoustic guitars. Pick up your copy today at CdBaby or you can grab it from iTunes or Amazon. You can view "A Time" from the album Burning Sand on YouTube. Purchase the albums Burning Sand, Floodgates, Mountain Mover, , Inner Domain, and Anteambulo at EarthScaper Online.

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Anteambulo - 6/2024

Inner Domain - 1/2023

Mountain Mover - 7/2019

Floodgates - 1/2009

Burning Sand - 1/2006


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